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Does weight lifting make women's muscles too large and bulky?

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The ability of a woman to increase her muscle mass to equal or surpass that of a man's is highly dependent on her testosterone levels. Most women (99.9%) naturally have a much lower testosterone production so the ability for women to build large bulky muscle is virtually impossible.

All women irrespective of their age, genetic makeup or fitness level can benefit greatly from weight/resistance training. Weight training can help strengthen bones, improve posture, increase metabolism, immune system, improve balance, & mobility.

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How many days should you wait before training the same muscle group to avoid injury?

Opinions vary on this question but let's take a look at what happens when we actually train a muscle. When we train our muscles microscopic tears occur and it is best to let these microscopic tears heal themselves before training them again. If sufficient time isn't given for that muscle to heal completely, it will become compromised and ultimately be strained and eventually tear completely. From past experience and many articles later I would say give yourself 48-72 hours to let that muscle heal properly. This will avoid putting that muscle at risk of a full tear, that in most cases would require surgery and a lengthy layoff.

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