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A year ago after my competition, I asked Gabe what he thought of my physique. After looking at my contest pics he said, "you need legs, Jamie!" If you know Gabe, he doesn't say much but legs are what we focused on for the last year and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Thank you, Gabe!

- Jamie Ambler
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I never thought that I would look like this again, but thanks to Mr. Amazing here (GABE) I do Again and I feel FANTASTIC! It took me a bit over 5 months to accomplish this goal but it was worth every second. Words can not express.

- Sean Mehegan

15457 N Dale Mabry Highway Tampa FL 33618


I went from 195 lbs - 145 lbs in just over 4 months!! I'm very happy with what Gabe has done to help me! Thank you GABE!! 

- Sonia El. Newal

It was a bit different training with Gabe online being that we had always worked together when he was here in CA. I have to say the outcome is still pretty dope! I'm currently at 186 lbs down from 204 lbs when I started. My next goal is to be 200 pounds with my body fat percentage in the single digits! I'm focused and excited. Gabe - Luv you brah!

- Frank Parrino Online Client
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