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Ask About Nutrition Plans

I am Completely Committed to Your Success

Q: What happens after you sign on to Train with Gabe?

A: Well after asking questions and understanding what your goals are, we will weigh you, and take your measurements. 

From your bodyweight, I will calculate your daily caloric intake. This will be the number needed to maintain your current bodyweight.

When I have all these numbers in place, we can then start on your training. 

After assessing your athleticism, we'll start with a low to moderate resistance, and or functional workout for the first few weeks, to focus on form, range of motion, strength, and power. 

If you're just starting your fitness journey for the first time, or it's been a long time I'll start you on the floor for  functional workouts to improve balance, core strength, strength, technique, and flexibility.

As the weeks continue, I will progress your workouts until we've established mobility enough to move you to the weight room area where the real fun begins.

We will just keep progressing, week to week, month to month, advancing until you are pleased with the results of your efforts. On average, my clients lose 10-15 pounds per month. **Lean muscle gains happen on a little slower**

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